Water Boilers

Nordic Termo System designs and produces biofuel central heating boilers with an automatic delivery system and combustion mode. The heat output of a boiler can go from 200 kW to 1500 kW. The hearth of the boiler is lined with firebrick which holds up stone arches cast from heatproof mixture.

The boiler comprises two parts: the firebox and the heat pump. The boilers can be fuelled with different kinds of biofuels with a moisture capacity up to 50%. Combustible material is stored in a combustible material storage or a standard bunker, where the feeding screw or chain conveyor powered by a hydraulic power station directs the combustible material into the boiler. The combustible material storage is designed according to the size and the heat capacity of the boiler, ensuring that there is enough combustible material for at least 5-7 days. The burning of combustible material takes place on a graduated and mobile cast iron rack. The steps move to ensure the burning of all of the combustible material and it prevents the combustible material from fusing with the burner. The metal parts of the burner have air cooling, which ensures a longer duration of use. The moving cast iron rack blocks are parts that wear out and need to be replaced from time to time.

Automation controls the quality of air needed for burning. The screw conveyer transports the necessary amount of fuel to the combustion zone. The operation of motors, reducers, fans and smoke suction devices is controlled by an automation center by receiving necessary initial data through different detectors. The control center monitors the combustion process, the temperature of the water in the boiler, the temperature of exhaust combustion gas and underpressure in the boiler. All of the data can be seen on the control switchboard and can be controlled via internet.

The stainless steel turbulators located in the smoke pipes of the heat pump turn with the help of reduction motors. The task of the turbulators is to slow down the movement of combustion gas, which improves the exchange of energy to the heat carrier and lowers the temperature of the exhaust combustion gas. Rotation of the turbulators ensures the cleaning of smoke pipes while the combustion process is underway. Combustion gases then move to smoke suction unit, which is controlled by a frequency converter and automation by controlling the underpressure in the boiler. This is necessary for optimal heat exchange and ensuring the full combustion of fuel. The boiler also includes a cyclone/ multicyclone to catch volatile particles.

The screw conveyer automatically removes ash from the boiler to the ash box.

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