Hot Air Boilers

Our engineers have designed biofuel boilers that comprise two parts: firebox and heat pump. The burning of combustion material takes place on a cast iron frame in the hearth of the boiler. The metal parts of the burner have an air cooling system. The burner is equipped with an air fan and a smoke suction device that are controlled using a frequency convertor and automation. The boiler operates on an easily controlled fully automatic mode. The whole burning process and the combustion material delivery system is controlled by automation. The automation consists of a switchboard, frequency converter, controller, reduction motors, air fans and different kinds of detectors. The switchboard enables easily adjusting the temperature of exhaust air. The maximum heat of exhaust air can be up to 95 °C (tested factory temperature up to 120 °C). The ashes are removed from the boiler into a container by a screw conveyor.

The boilers that we design and produce are widely used to dry various types of grain. Compared to liquid fuel and oil shale boilers, the costs of the boilers drop up to 7 times. According to the capacity of the boiler and the needs of the client, it is possible to choose a woodchip delivery system bunker with a capacity of 10 m3 or to build a combustion material storage with hydraulically moving scrapers with the capacity of approx. 50-200 m3.

Areas of use:

  •     Drying grain
  •     Heating larger buildings
  •     Drying wood

We produce hot air boilers in the following range: 300 kW, 500 kW, 1000 kW, 1500 kW

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